B Venture Capital was founded in 2014 with the aim of supporting Brazilian startups and contributing to the growth of a better ecosystem, creating an ideal situation for entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential.

Many startups receive support from angel investors and/or accelerators in very early stages. However, not all startups can make that "big leap" on their own by simply receiving larger investments from venture capital funds.

B Venture Capital focuses on this decisive phase for the success of a business. We work together with entrepreneurs to reach potential clients, design growth strategies, develop financial plans for subsequent investment rounds, and help recruit new team members.

Additionally, BVC's network offers the opportunity to expand operations to the US, Europe, and Asia.

Our Investment Thesis


  • Long-term vision
  • Clear plan to achieve the long-term vision
  • Capabilities to execute the plan
  • Strong motivational experience (why is he/she doing this)


  • Relevant skill and experience
  • Well defined leadership and responsibilities

Preferred Startup Topics

  • Empowerment
  • Digital consumer
  • Digitization and Automation

Business Model

  • Genuine value proposition
  • Clear profit and direct contribution
  • Well-defined monetization model and economic motivator
  • Great potential market


  • Expanding business
  • Customer segment to be attacked well identified (at least hypothetically)
  • Social trend (for example, regulation, change of technical platform...)

Visión e Historia

Brazil Venture Capital nació en 2014 con el objetivo de apoyar a las startups brasileñas y contribuir al crecimiento de un mejor ecosistema, para crear una situación ideal para que los emprendedores alcancen su máximo potencial.

Muchas startups cuentan con el apoyo de inversionistas ángeles y/o aceleradores en etapas muy tempranas. Sin embargo, no todas las startups pueden dar ese "gran salto" por sí mismas, simplemente recibiendo mayores inversiones de los fondos de capital de riesgo. Brazil Venture Capital se enfoca en esta fase decisiva para el éxito de un negocio.

Trabajamos en conjunto con los emprendedores para contactar a clientes potenciales; diseñar estrategias de crecimiento; desarrollar planes financieros para rondas de inversión posteriores; y ayudando a reclutar nuevos miembros del equipo.

Además, la red de BVC ofrece la oportunidad de expandir operaciones a los EE. UU., Europa y Asia.